The world today is moving at a faster pace. Socio-economic brackets have shifted, continents are closer; all this because of technological and developmental reforms. So really we are a lot more advanced, a lot more informed, and hence a lot more connected to every human being on this planet. However, though we have educated and ensured that more women’s concerns are addressed, we are not making too much of a dent in the advancement of the equality of the sexes.

Life is a lot more comfortable for your regular young person these days. Smart phones have overtaken the landline telephones – we know where, what or with whom a young person is with now. Constant electricity – that in the event of a shortage of power or perhaps a crisis, living without electricity becomes quite a drag. But these are all middle socio-economic problems, that are by no means a concern.

What truly is a concern is that the other young people do not have these extra luxuries we enjoy these days, in the urban and rural landscape. Smart phones are not that common there, neither is constant electricity. Then again, secure bathroom facilities are a rarity there, since houses are not built with a connected toilet. So what is the concern here? The fact that they don’t have the luxuries that the city folk enjoy? Or is the basic necessities that they are not afforded that we sympathise with and move along helplessly?

 A young woman in the rural area still believes she needs to follow the path set before her and not buck the hand that holds her down. A young man believes he has every right to exploit the women in his life, because they do not require respect.

The concern today is a very daunting topic. Do we know about the concerns of the young women in today’s world? Do we see their concerns? Do we hear more about their needs and the atrocities they face? Do we pass along the knowledge we have in an attempt to build a social movement? The answer sadly is . . . not that encouraging.


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